18 July 2018

How to make Price level in Tally ERP 9

In Tally ERP 9 you can set multiple price levels using this feature. Suppose you want to sell things in different price to retailers, wholesalers, Dealers, Consumers etc. Now you can either enter the price manually while invoicing, or use the price level feature to let the price to be entered automatically according to the buyer. By this way you not only makes invoicing easier and faster, but you also reduces the chance of errors. So, you definitely want it to be automatically right? Don’t worry, in this article you will be guided step by step to set up multiple price level in tally.
Now let me assume that you have two customers, Mr. R (Retailer) and Mr. W (Wholesaler). So, Create ledgers for both under “Sundry Debtors”. I farther assume that you are the seller of a particular product (ie: T-Shirt) and you sales that product @ Rs.500 to Retailers and allow trade discount @5% only if they purchase 10 pieces or more. And you sales the product @Rs.480 to Wholesalers and allow trade discount @5% only if they purchase 50 pieces or more. Now lets see how to setup price level for that case.
  • Enable the feature: Go to Feature (F11) ➥ Inventory feature(F2) ➥ Use multiple price level - Yes ➥ Press Enter.
  • Create the list of price levels: Under "Company Price Levels”, make your price level list. For our example, At first type “Retailer” ➥ Press enter ➥ Type “Wholesaler” ➥ Press enter & save the price level window & the inventory feature window (For quick save press “CTRL+A” twice).
  • Define Product Price for Retailers: Back to the "Gateway of Tally” ➥ Inventory Info ➥ Price list ➥ Select Stock Group Name - All Item ➥ In Price level field you can see all the entries, you have just created in the previous step. Select one of them, lets select Retailer first ➥ In the next field select the date, in which the prices shall take effect from. ➥ Press Enter.

Now in the next window select the product "T-Shirt" in the particulars field ➥ Press Enter ➥ Input 10 in the “less than” field ➥ Press enter ➥ Input 500 in the “Rate” field ➥ Leave the discount field blank ➥ Press enter ➥ Leave blank in the "less than” field ➥ Input 500 in the “Rate” field ➥ Input 5 in the discount field ➥ Press enter and save the window.
  • Define Product Price for Wholesalers: Repeat the previous step, but this time select Wholesaler in the "Price level” field, Put 50 in the first "Less than” field & Put 480 in both “Rate” fields. All other fields will remain same. ➥ Save the window.
  • Assign Respective Price Levels in Customer ledgers: Back to the “Gateway of Tally” ➥ Accounts Info. ➥ Ledgers ➥ Alter ➥ Select "Mr. R” & press enter ➥ Pricing level applicable - Retailer ➥ Press enter & save ➥ Select "Mr. W” & press enter ➥ Pricing level applicable - Wholesaler ➥ Press enter & save.
You are all done. Now make a sales invoice, and see the effect by selecting different customers and different quantities of T-Shirt. Now You can also apply GST. Want to add GST on the sales? Learn how...

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