02 June 2020

Opportunities after lockdown


From the ancient time our earth witnessed of many natural disasters. Many earthquakes, many pandemics already influenced us. Now we again face a lockdown due to the pandemic COVID 19. However we human were always prepared to face such situations, we are again prepare to contribute any amount of struggle it needs to fight against the situation. As we know, there will be an after lockdown world, in which we are just about to step in. Now we are constantly looking for some opportunities out of this diverse situation to make a better economy & a better future. In this article you will find 5 opportunities, which you should looking for. 

Investment opportunity

If you have an eye on stock market, then you are already know that the market is significantly down. But can you believe, that the market will always remain in this position? Think how many incidence we survived in past, did those incidence stop our economy from growing? Currently prices of financial securities are down, because people are scared. But after the lock down, when businesses will be started again, the positive market sentiment will be back. Those stocks which are undervalued today, will again priced by their real value. It could be rapidly or slowly, so it is very hard to time the market, but you can start investment with a long-term view. Investing into direct equity market need skills and knowledge. If you don't have that skills, you can also go for mutual funds. Taking help of a financial advisor is recommended before any kind of investment.

Freelancing opportunity

India is the biggest freelancing market with more than 50% market share and even growing more. If you think from an employer's side, then you will realise that due to the lockdown, many businesses suffered losses and  many of them will try to reduce the cost by reducing the number of employees. Hence, there will be an increased demand of freelancing services. You can start freelancing by yourself or by making a team of freelancers along with your friends. Remember, if you want to do this with a large scale, you will need a team, because a big project need more manpower.

Job listing website opportunity

Now if you think from employees' side, you will realise that the volume of job searching will significantly rise after lockdown. Those who lost their job, will search for a new job, and those who have their job, will search for a job change if they feel insecurity with their current job. You can help them by creating a job listing site. Remember, the jobs should be genuine, Which you can easily get from the official career page of organisations. Definitely you need to browse a huge amount of them. But when you accumulate those opportunities in a single site, this will not only create an opportunity for yourself but also help the society.

Opportunity in education industry

After lock down all students even employees will need to update their skills to match the increased competition. There for the demand of educational industry will be rise. If you have skills in mathematical, analytical or digital marketing, then you can start to create your courses for selling by online educational sites like udemy, unacademy etc... You can also create and publish your online video tutorial on video sharing platforms like youtube.


Less physical interaction will promote digital media. The digital media needs digital assets like, photo, vectors, designs etc... Now if you like to take photo or draw vectors or designs, then you can sell those by becoming a Shutterstock Contributor—it's a great way to get money, experience, and more work for your portfolio. You can just upload your creation with relevant Title & Tags. 

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