27 April 2022

How to create a good investment portfolio | With live example


In this video you should KNOW about how to create a good investment portfolio of equity shares, I demonstrated it with live example, by creating two different portfolios, one for value investing and the other for growth investing. This video is not only about creating portfolio but how to manage a portfolio after creating it. All allocations I made, are only for educational purpose. Purpose of the video is to provide you some idea about creating and managing portfolio, don’t consider it as an investment advice. Like the video to show your support to all these hard works and share with others to increase the investor mindset & to reduce the gambler mindset in the country. Click here to download DSIJ Stock Market Challenge App : In this video, the following additional queries are also discussed : 1. How to create an investment portfolio? 2. How to create portfolio for value investment? 3. How to create portfolio for growth investment? 4. How to manage stock market portfolio

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