29 April 2022

Real estate Investment trust in India | How to invest in REITs


In this video you should KNOW about Real estate investment trust in India, in short REIT. and How you can invest in real estate as low as Rs.10,000 through REITs. Many people believe that holding real estate stocks are equivalent to real estate investing, but this is not true. So, In the video I also mentioned the differences between REITs and Real estate stocks. Watch the video till the end to know more about REITs and Real estate investing in India. Like the video to show your support to all these hard works! The following queries are solved in this video: 1. What is Real estate investment trust (REIT)? 2. How to invest in Real estate investment trust in India? 3. What is the difference between REITs and Real estate stocks? 4. How many REITs are available in India? 5. can you invest in real estate with 1k?


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