20 April 2022

Value Investing Vs Growth Investing


Currently less than 2% people in India, have a demat account. In world-average, this percentage in somewhere around 40. Because of the growing economy, India already started to attract investors around the globe. Unfortunately, the major population in our country not participating in this growth. People avoid stock market thinking it is an unsafe place to create wealth and some others avoid just because they already tried it with no luck. No doubt stock market is subject to market risk, but the risk can be managed by acquiring proper knowledge. What people doing wrong here, is they blindly bet on the day to day market movement based on some tips and news. To be fair, as an investor first you must have your own principle and approach. In the link below, I tried to describe two popular investing approaches (ie: Value investing and Growth investing). Although you can't be an investor by just viewing this or any other videos within a day, but this can be a good start. Happy Investing!

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