Your Resume v/s You 

To be honest, the resume is not an alternative to your academic background, proficiency, work experience or any other qualities. Make sure you have the right skill, training or qualification for your desired position. Only then think about resume. Otherwise this or any other resume may be useless to you. After all, you are more important than your resume.

Then why professional Resume is Important ? 

Let me ask a question to this question. Do you think a right candidate with wrong massage can crack an interview? not likely hmm? that is the importance of a resume. A resume should give all the right message, in line with your proficiency. A professional resume in not only the branch of organised words, but it is the presentation of "real you", even in your absence. Remember, generally your resume meets the interviewer before you.

What you will get with this Gig ? 

In this Gig I will write & design a super professional Resume/CV for you, matching with your designation & personality, in the cheapest possible price, that can be tagged on Fiverr. However you may add some extra bucks to fit into your tea of cup. Cheers!

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